Perfect Party Planning 101: Sweet Sixteen Party Tips

Sweet Sixteen Party Tips

There is no better way to celebrate a teenage girl’s passage to early adulthood than having her sweet sixteen on a luxury charter yacht. Having a yacht party is a great way to celebrate her “coming out” ceremony with family and friends, all while enjoying New York’s magnificent waterways. For many girls, this day is considered to be almost as important as her wedding day, so it is imperative not to take planning a sweet sixteen lightly.

Turning sixteen is a major transition marker for your daughter, so aim to make it the best party ever! To help you out with this important day, check out our sweet sixteen party tips that are sure to make this event a success.

• Make sure you book your venue spot as soon as possible. Do not wait on this step! If you attempt to do this at the last second, you may find yourself disappointed.

• Get your guest list together early, but only after you have your spot at the venue booked. The capacity limit of the venue will help you decide on how many guests you can invite.

• If you plan on having the sweet sixteen in a small place and have a limit on the number of guests you can invite, let your daughter invite more friends than family. Of course, make sure the immediate family is invited first!

• To contribute to making the day unforgettable, come up with a fun theme with your daughter. Do not be afraid to think outside the box. Get creative!

• When you send out invitations, make sure the end time for the party is listed. This way if there are any issues regarding the time with any of the guest’s parents, it can be worked out ahead of time.

• Do you want to hand out party favors? If so, aim to match the party favors to the personality and style of the birthday girl.

• Decide if you want to have a formal sit-down dinner, or have an open buffet. Make sure you make arrangements with the caterer ahead of time and keep them informed throughout the party planning process.

• Do you want to hire a live band or have a DJ? After you decide, make sure you come up with an appropriate playlist and hand it off to the band or DJ. Keep them informed and updated about your wishes and desires.

• Remember to talk to your teenager about what they want. Remember this is their day after all! Yes, you may want to put your foot down about certain aspects, but make sure you do your best to honor your daughter’s reasonable requests.

At Aqua Azul, we have years of experience with nautical events and always aim for memorable and sophisticated yacht celebrations. Do you live the in the NYC area? If so, and you are looking to go outside the box with your daughter’s sweet sixteen celebration, click here to contact us today.