Party Planning 101: Best Graduation Party Ideas

Tis the season for the end of school! Graduation is nearing, so it’s time to rejoice in your graduate’s accomplishments and bright future. As you plan your celebration, here are 15 of the best graduation party ideas to make your day one to remember.


By: SwitzersSweets on Etsy

Dr. Seuss has been an influential author in many children’s life, and his work will continue inspire as your graduate continues through adulthood.

By: Walgreens

If you’re looking for a photo collage looks artistic and impressive without a lot of effort, this is definitely the DIY project for you.

By: Sugar Bee Crafts

Tissue paper is inexpensive and can serve as an elegant decoration at your party. All it takes is some creativity and getting a little crafty!

By: DIY Beautify

Extremely easy to make, this wreath is the perfect last touch for your party to not only look great, but showcase the sentimental cause for celebration.

By: Studio DIY

This is such a creative graduation party idea, and it is sure to stand out to your guests.


By: Nancy’s Craft Spot

A two-for-one DIY! Not only is this a festive centerpieces, but it also serves as a collector for cards and gift cards. Having different collectors on each table can also help your keep track of who gave what when you write you “thank you” cards.

By: MontanaSnow on Etsy

Depending on the look you’re going for, you can also be super simple with your centerpieces. Simplicity is sometimes the most beautiful.


By: J Rice Photo

Encourage guests to write down advice for the new graduate. Whether this is a way for guests to sign or used as part of a table marker, it’s a cute and clever idea that will turn into a special gift for the guest of honor.

By: TJ Maxx

This photo booth idea could not be easier! All you have to do is cut up a piece of poster board and write your desired message. Then all you have to do is watch your guests having a blast using it.


By: Lindi Haws

Did you ever realized how much those cookie straws looked like rolled up diplomas? I bet now you can’t unsee it.

By: Casey Pawelek

An all-you-can eat cookie bar is just the thing you need for dessert time at your party.

By: My Life at Playtime

These class rings are a lot less expensive and much tastier.

By: Anna and Blue

These cupcakes look difficult to make, but they are actually possible to achieve at any level of baking skill. Plus, all of the ingredients are very accessible.


By: A Little CLAIREification

You can never include too much Dr, Seuss.

light bulb favor graduation

By: Embellishing Life Everyday

When guests take these favors home, they will not only feel excited for the graduate’s future, but their own.