Stress-Free Yacht Event Planning

Stress-Free Yacht Event Planning

Warm weather has arrived in New York City, and your next event is approaching. Make the most of the sunny seasons by hosting a yacht charter event in NYC. Booking a yacht as your event’s location may seem complicated, but have no fear! The process will be made simple with these stress-free event yacht NYC planning tips.

Consider Your Guest List

Group size is important to think about in relation to the size of the charter you are booking. With little room for number fluctuation on the boat, it will be helpful to know a solid number of guests as early as you can. Also, think about the people you are looking to invite. Are there a lot of families with small children? Are there any invitees that are consistently on-call for their work? Bearing this in mind, it will help you move forward with the rest of your event planning.


In the initial planning stages, be sure to consider all additional costs to the rental price of the yacht or boat. There may be other fees for docking, fuel, and services that are not necessarily apparent during your preliminary yacht event research. On top of that, there will be costs for entertainment, food, and decorating. Knowing your price point sooner will prevent unsettling surprises later.

Work with Companies Experienced in Charter Events

A yacht charter event in NYC will stand out from any other event you’ve planned, and it is sure to impress all of your guests. With that, hosting your event on a yacht or boat also requires specially skilled vendors that can work with the nuances of the unique location. When searching for catering services, entertainers, and decorators, look for people with previous experience or expertise in working boat events.

Think About Your Event’s Timeline

Going over the progression of your event from start to finish is crucial in making everything run smoothly. Coordinate formalities with your vendors in detail. Knowing when the yacht charter will be passing unmissable NYC sites will help you plan the order of the rest of the event. Also bear in mind your guests’ travel efforts when planning your pre-reception dockside time. To avoid any of your guests getting left behind, allow for an adequate amount of time at the yacht’s departure location. Additionally, extending post-reception dockside time can allow guests to still attend the event even if they may have to leave early.

Little Details Go a Long Way

Just like any other event, paying attention to the small details will make your party stand out as one of the best. Let your on-the-water event guide your theme. Popular themes include nautical, patriotic, “under the sea”, and all things New York. For consistency, keep the decor of the yacht charter in mind when buying accent color items. However, be sure not to over-compensate with novelties, but rather focus on tasteful simplicity. Additionally with potentially limited space, it is also important to not overcrowd the room with decorations.

Remember that the main attraction of a private yacht charter event is the NYC sites outside of the boat, so keeping it simple may be the best way to go. That being said, ensure that the interior is comfortable in case of rain or other inclement weather. Another beneficial idea is to provide boat-specific amenities to guests such a ginger candies for sea sickness and blankets for chilly evenings on the water.


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