Choreographed Bridge Lighting at Your NYC Yacht Event

Choreographed Bridge Lighting at Your NYC Yacht Event

A night to remember around beautiful New York on an Aqua Azul Yacht Charter is about to get even better with choreographed bridge lighting. The state government has begun a project to install colorful lighting on bridges throughout New York. Named The New York Harbor Crossings Project, this will take place from the Manhattan Bridge to the Tappan Zee. These lights will be choreographed and programmed to change color in sync with music and other cues.

Lighting like Never Before

Gov. Andrew Cuomo discussed the upcoming project with reporters, stating, “We’re illuminating all the bridges in New York City with different-colored lights, and the bridges can then be coordinated and choreographed to music.” He goes on to say, “Nothing like this has been done on the planet.”

Although choreographed lights have been installed on bridges in other cities, in true New York fashion, this spectacle will be unlike anywhere else. Cuomo says, “People come just to see one bridge lit. Imagine New York Harbor, with all those bridges, and all of it choreographed.”

Beautiful and Efficient

The LED lights will be adorned on all seven bridges operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. In regard to budgeting, Cuomo explains the new lights will actually save money. LED lights last longer and are more energy efficient than regular lights. In fact, the lights are estimated to save 40-to-80 percent on energy costs.

The New York Harbor Crossings Project will also be complemented by automated tolling structures with decorative artwork and special security capabilities. The choreographed bridge lighting will mark special events and holidays. Officials expect this to become a popular tourist attraction that will make your yacht charter event even more spectacular.

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