Why You Should Celebrate Fourth of July on an NYC Cruise

Why You Should Celebrate Fourth of July on an NYC Cruise

Fourth of July is quickly approaching and now is the time to figure out your plans this holiday. Watching the fireworks in your local park is simple and easy, but why not switch it up this year. Enjoying the Fourth of July on an NYC Yacht is luxurious, fun, and a perfect option to step away from the norm. Here are our top reasons to celebrate in style with a Fourth of July NYC Cruise.

It’s fun to be fancy.

Aqua Azul Boat

There is something unmatched to the elegance and luxury of an NYC Yacht event.

In fact, the Grand Yacht Aqua Azul is the most elegant yacht for her size, equipped with 4 spacious decks, beautifully appointed bars, restrooms, and seating areas. The downstairs deck provides lounge-style seating with an expansive bar and piano. Next is the second deck with more seating, drinks, and fine dining. Then, the third deck is for dancing with an adjacent open bar. Lastly, the fourth top deck opens sky views, also featuring another large bar and seating. Not to mention, outstanding service and comfort all night is the staff’s top priority.

The fireworks are spectacular.

While celebrating a Fourth of July NYC Cruise, the summer night cruise will climax with a glorious show by Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks over the East River by the Brooklyn Bridge. You will get a front row seat on the water to the most famous fireworks display in the country!

You’ll see a view like no other.


Not only will you see fireworks, but you will also get fantastic views of the world-famous New York City skyline throughout the night. The views alone will certainly make it a night to remember.

Two words: open bar.

Let go for the night and enjoy an expansive open bar. Aboard Aqua Azul’s July Fourth NYC Cruise, each bar is fully stocked with wine, beer, freshly made sangria, soda, water & juice.

You can dance to a live DJ.

Party and dance to the hottest tunes of the summer played by a live DJ all night long.

You’ll get service beyond a backyard barbecue.

Food from the grill with friends is great, but beautiful creations from skilled chefs sounds even better. Throughout Aqua Azul’s July Fourth NYC Cruise, an assortment of hors d’oeuvres are made from scratch by the onboard team of chefs, along with mini pasta bowls.

july 4th ad Aqua Azul Yacht

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