Summer Party Planning Timeline: Host Your Best Party Yet!

Summer Party Planning Timeline: Host Your Best Party Yet!

Summer is the perfect time to plan a party with your favorite people. No matter the occasion, people will be more than will to come out to celebrate and enjoy the beautiful weather. Here is a summer party planning timeline to make sure you’re on track for your best celebration yet!

2 Months Before:

This is the time where everything is in its beginning stages. Think about what kind of party or event you’re looking to have, and conceptualize it. At this stage, the possibilities are endless. After you have your conceptualization in place, it is important to get organized and start thinking about details. Early stage detail include: location, date, time, and party theme. In order to stay organized, create lists (to-do list, cost sheet, shopping list, etc.) that you can keep updated during the entire party planning process.

1 Month Before:

With one month until your party, now is when you should send out invitations to give people enough time to decipher if they are able to attend. Create your guest list and update it as people begin to RSVP. Invitations can be sent out electronically or in the mail, depending on what you deem appropriate for the occasion. In the invitation, you should include the necessary information about the party, such as what, where, when, and suggested attire.

3 Weeks Before

A few weeks away from the big day means menu and decor planning. Because it’s summer, everything is likely to work better if it’s on the lighter side. For decor, keep it bright, playful, and fun. For food and drink, you don’t want to serve anything too heavy. Heavier foods can lead to discomfort in guests while out in the heat. Make sure to utilize plenty of delicious fruit and vegetables while they’re in season!

1-2 Weeks Before

Now is is the time to move from conceptualization to implementation. Start preparing by making sure you’ve bought all your supplies, assemble your party favors, and create place cards. Basically, this is the time where you do everything you can to make your life easier leading up to the day of your party. Do everything you will thank yourself for later.

1 Day Before

You should have most things completed at this point, but today is when you put the finishing touches down. Give your party space a thorough dusting, put up your decorations, and set up your eating station. Prepare any dishes that will keep in the refrigerator overnight. Last but not least, find your perfect party outfit. Also, the night before your party is a great time to engage in some self-care. Take a nice shower or read a good book; do whatever helps you the most to relax.

The Big Day

Everything should be coming together at this point. Finish setting the table, get the food ready to serves, and get yourself party-ready. All of your hard work has led up to this day, so more than anything else, make sure you enjoy it!