The Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Party Planning

The Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Party Planning

Looking to plan a party for the people in your New York office? Here is the ultimate corporate event planner NY with the do’s and don’ts of party planning.


  • Invite everyone in the company: From high-up executives to employees in all departments, make sure everyone receives the invite to your corporate event in New York.
  • Give incentive for people to come to the event: when advertising the party to employees, make sure they know this is a fun event. If you do not make it known, people may assume it is just another business meeting. Other ways to give incentive are including a giveaway or an unmissable announcement during the event.
  • Be proactive with planning: The sooner you start planning, the sooner you can secure what you want for the party. Waiting until the last minute could risk certain plans falling through and the event not living up to the potential you saw for it initially.
  • Get creative with the venue: as a business in New York or the NY area, you have so many great venue options to choose from. For example, a New York private yacht is a venue choice that sparks interest and creates a lasting memory for guests.
  • Serve food and drinks: People will do a lot of things for a free meal, including attend your event! A tip when looking for venues is to choose somewhere that includes food in the package.
  • Make it fun: The purpose of a corporate event is to give employees a break from their work and bring people together. Because of this, plan a party with the intention of it being fun.


  • Pick a conflicting date: During the initial stages of your corporate event planner NY, consider upcoming deadlines and meetings before locking in event arrangements. The last thing you want is for employees to feel like valuable time is being taken from the office. Plan around the best times that people can feel at ease and have a great time.
  • Host the party at your office: create a change of scenery for everyone and choose a venue that adds value to the event. Instead of staring at the same office walls, guests can enjoy the iconic NYC skyline on a private yacht charter for your corporate event.
  • Charge people for entry: this is in in poor taste, and it will deter people from the event.
  • Include recently fired employees to the guest list: This is never a good idea.
  • Lose you ability to have fun: If you are the boss in the office, you can still allow yourself to let go a bit and have a good time during the event. This event is for you, too!