Choose the Best NYC Wedding Season for You

Choose the Best NYC Wedding Season for You

As the seasons change in NYC, there is something to love about each one. Read about the best aspects of winter, spring, summer, and fall to choose the best NYC wedding season for you.


A dreamy winter wonderland wedding can be as fairy tale as it gets. The white atmosphere will make the other colors in your wedding decor pop. The reflective white also gives unmatched lighting for your photos. While it may be bright from the snow, the cold weather outside calls for comfort food and winter-themed decadence inside. For this reason, winter is a great time to choose delicious menu items for the reception, like a warming winter vegetable main course or a hot cocoa bar during dessert.

Keeping up with the cozy theme, a fireplace or array of candles are perfect for setting atmosphere and adding warmth on a chilly winter day. If you’re looking to save money, winter is also generally a slower season, making it much more cost efficient when choosing vendors.


Tis the season for new beginnings! As everything is in bloom, spring is a beautiful season to celebrate the beginning of your marriage. Spring is an ideal time to utilize decorations with floral prints and pastel colors if that’s the vision you have in mind for your celebration. In addition to a fresh, budding atmosphere, spring is a smart choice to make sure your friends and family will be available to celebrate with you. You don’t have to compete with a slew of major holidays this time of year, and it’s generally a time where people’s schedules tend to be open.

Also, spring creates less weather-related restrictions than the season’s preceding winter. As the weather warms up, you get more variety with venue and ceremony options. An NYC Yacht Wedding is a great choice for warmer days. And although spring can be characterized as a rainy season, overcast days happen to create naturally flawless photo-ops.


Summer is the season of options. So many different foods are in season, which makes building a catering menu a lot of fun. Local cheese, meat, and produce are at their peak freshness. Not only that, but the variety of floral arrangements are also at their peak as well. Any color scheme you choose can be matched with a gorgeous floral arrangement.

Summer is filled with the most daylight in NYC, which allows plenty of flexibility in scheduling a ceremony and provides less rush to get photos taken. Even as the sun goes down, comfortable temperatures allow the party to last well into the night, which can be ideal for night-owls.


Autumn is a popular time to have an NYC wedding, and rightfully so! The temperature is cooling down, and the autumnal colors all around make for a stunning natural backdrop to any ceremony. If you’re looking for deeper, rustic hues in your color scheme, fall is a perfect fit. Also, this season has the most dependable weather with perfectly crisp air and mild conditions. Although there is less daylight than summer days, there is still plenty of flexibility in scheduling the ceremony and photos.