A Spectacular Meal Overlooking the City

A Spectacular Meal Overlooking the City

Enjoy your meal in an elegant and unique setting with breathtaking views. Events held on Aqua Azul luxury yacht rental NYC is the fine dining experience you may not have expected. With so many other perks to an event on a yacht charter, an amazing meal is a welcomed bonus. The chefs aboard Aqua Azul Yachts will help you explore the best options for your event, be it a cocktail-style menu and grazing stations, or dishes served to each guest.

Grazing Stations

Grazing stations offer less formality, yet still provide an elaborate spread of food for you and your guests. Guests can feel free to mix and mingle as they enjoy the creations of the skilled chefs aboard our luxury yacht rental NYC.

Fine Dining

Fine Dining Aqua Azul 2

Fine Dining Aqua Azul 11

Fine Dining Aqua Azul 16

Aqua Azul goes beyond elegant atmosphere by catering to all of the senses with an unforgettable dining experience. Our renowned executive chef creates the dishes fresh on board to ensure the best culinary experience people can have on the water.


Aqua Azul Yacht Cakes 6

Aqua Azul Yacht Cakes 7

No meal is complete without a sweet ending. This includes the amazing cakes by Celebrity Judge Pastry-chef Robert Ellinger, who received the 10-Best Pastry Chefs in America’ award in 2010 and the ‘10-Best Bread Bakers in America’ award in 2012. They are as delicious as they are beautiful!

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