July 4th NYC Cruise

Celebrate the July 4th On Board the Grand Yacht Aqua Azul Step aboard the most elegant yacht for her size - the grand Aqua Azul - and take in the spectacular Macy's Fireworks Display on the East River!  You'll be delighted with the 4 spacious decks, beautifully appointed bars, restrooms and seating areas while treated to a magical summer night cruise that climaxes with fantastic views of the most famous July 4 fireworks display in our country!

Highlights on this 4 hour July 4th NYC cruise includes:

  • The glorious Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks shot off from the East River.
  • The greatest annual flotilla of private boaters and charter yachts, gathering to celebrate our nation’s birthday.
  • Drinks can be purchased separately
  • Celebratory Cocktail Menu
  • Outstanding service and comfort throughout.
  • Dj playing a great mix!
  • Fantastic views of the New York City skyline
The Aqua Azul features downstairs lounge-style seating with a massive bar and a player piano; a second deck with more room for seating, drinks, and dining; a third deck for dancing with an expansive open bar; and a fourth top deck open for skyward views featuring another large bar and seating.

Tickets are $200 per person.

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july 4th ad Aqua Azul Yacht


So step aboard the Aqua Azul and see the Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks from the most elegant yacht of its size in NYC!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cruises sell out frequently? If a cruise is sold out, is there a waiting list?

This event will most likely sell out. It is recommended to purchase your tickets in advance. This tour is being offered by Manhattan Steamboat Company, the owner of the Aqua Azul yacht.

Is there parking and how much is it?

There is parking at Chelsea Piers. You must be south-bound on the West Side Hwy in order to access the turn-in for parking on Piers 61, 60, and 59. For updated rates please go to chelseapiers.com. Alternative parking is available on 10th Ave. between 18-19th Streets.

What type of ticket should I buy if I’m bringing a very young child?

There is only one type of ticket available for this event: the General Admission ticket. There are no “free” infant tickets for this event. All souls boarding must have a ticket purchased for them due to USCG regulations counting every person on board.

What exactly do we see on the cruise?

The most awesome Fourth of July Fireworks presented in the USA! Oh, and some pretty fantastic views of the New York City Skyline.

Is food available on the boat?

Yes! There will be heavy passed and stationary hors d’ oeuvres butlered throughout the cruise. There will be complimentary drinks throughout (beer, wine, sangria, soda, juice & water).

How about drinks? Should I bring those too?

No, it is illegal for you to bring alcohol of your own on board. Your ticket includes an open bar for the duration of the trip (Beer, Wine, sangria, juice and soft drinks). All bags will be searched.

Is the Aqua Azul safe?

Absolutely. Along with your captain, you also have several trained crew members on the cruise to make sure you feel comfortable and at home on the water. We are stocked with water, beverages, and life jackets should you feel you need one.

How steady is the cruise?

Am I likely to get seasick?It is very rare for our guests to become seasick. While most people do not experience any sea sickness on the Aqua Azul due to its size, you may want to consider light medication if you normally take it for motion sickness or a wristband purchased at any drugstore. We cannot officially advise you to take any medication, however.

Is there an age limit for these cruises?

While there is no age limit for the cruise, all attendees under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Where does the cruise finish?

Our cruise will end at the same pier from which it departed (Chelsea Piers, Pier 60).

Can I get a refund or reschedule my tickets after buying them?

Because we are guaranteeing your space on the cruise, tickets cannot be refunded or rescheduled once purchased.

Do you ever cancel cruises due to bad weather?

The cruise runs regardless of weather conditions. In the rare situation where we are forced to cancel the event because Macy’s or NYC cancels or reschedules the fireworks (which actually never happened before), ticket-holders will be allowed to reschedule to another time (subject to availability). If the fireworks are not rescheduled at all, you will receive a refund or you may get credit towards a future event on board our smaller vessels.

Is gratuity included in the price of the cruise?

Gratuity is not included in the price of the cruise. Parties of 12 or more will be contacted directly by Manhattan Steamboat Company within 48 hours of purchasing tickets to provide credit card information for an additional charge of 18% gratuity.

What happens if it starts raining when we’re out on our cruise?

The aft-deck observatory of the Aqua Azul is a completely covered area with a roof, so in the event of rain, you will be covered.

Is the Aqua Azul handicap accessible?

Yes! The Aqua Azul is equipped with an elevator servicing each deck, however, the bathrooms are not handicap accessible.

Can I book a private charter cruise?

Yes, private cruises can be a unique and elegant event for your group. If you are interested in booking a private cruise, please contact us by clicking the “Contact Aqua Azul” link.

Is smoking permitted during the cruise?

Smoking is only permitted on the upper deck.

Are gift certificates available for this cruise?

No, gift certificates are not available. Please check out our other regularly scheduled public trips for fantastic gift certificate options!

Is it ok if guests bring their own food due to dietary restrictions?

Yes, but please get special approval beforehand and know that all bags will be searched upon entry into the boat.

Regarding cancellation terms:
*Aqua Azul will not cancel their July 4 charter offer unless it books less than 50 tickets by July 2- a highly unlikely occurrence.

July 4th NYC Cruise