What to wear for your engagement photos


Deciding what to wear in general is somewhat of a daily tough decision. After setting on a wedding cruise in NYC, the planning keeps going so it’s time for engagement photos and finding an outfit. Follow these tips and you and your partner will have a great time planning and executing the perfect engagement photo outfits in NYC.

Comfort is key

Don’t wear something that isn’t you. If you are a jeans and sneakers person, don’t go for a mini-skirt and high heels. It’s important to be confident and comfortable in what you are wearing otherwise it will show in your pictures.

Compliment each other

No, you don’t have to be twins in your engagement photos, but do wear colors and prints that complement each other. Consider your location and prepare your outfits in advance. For example, with dark backgrounds, add a pop of color with a bold colored dress or shoes.

Be your beautiful self

Your engagement photos are meant to show other what your relationship is like. If you are outdoorsy or more laid back, show it in your photos. Show your personality and make your photos unique.

Add some personality

Consider the season, if the photos are happening during fall, you could bring a blanket to snuggle. You can also incorporate your favorite times of the year, his favorite football theme, your favorite holiday, family treasures, your pet and so on.

Stand out in that location

Stand out from your surroundings and consider your backdrop colors or setting when choosing your outfits. Wear clothing that will make you stand out. Use the opportunity to play with your style based on your location. If it’s an urban area, go for an edgier look. If you are going for an open-field photoshoot, wear lighter colors and sundresses for a romantic feel.