10 Wedding Flowers That Never Go Out of Season

10 Wedding Flowers That Never Go Out of Season

Flowers are one of the most powerful design elements at a wedding. However, even though you have a variety to choose from, many flowers are seasonal, and this can really impact the price of your wedding. Typically, you want to select wedding flowers that are in season so you can save some money. Especially if you are planning a wedding on a budget. While you may think this factor will affect your options, there are particular flowers that you can enjoy all year long. Best of all, these year-round flowers will look gorgeous in any bouquet, no matter the season of your marriage.

If you are looking for gorgeous wedding flowers that are always in season, check out our list of flowers that you can enjoy all year long.

Calla Lily – Also known as an arum lily, this trumpet-shaped blossom comes in two varieties, a long stem, and a miniature variety. Their stem is strong and sturdy, making this flower perfect for tall centerpieces. This modest and feminine flower has no scent and is available in dark burgundy, ivory, orange, dark pink, yellow, red, and light pink.

Bouvardia – These flowers are perfect to flesh out your wedding bouquet or arrangement, and can even be used solo. Bouvardia are very delicate flowers, so be careful when handling! The small, star-shaped blossoms come in a variety of hues, white, red, pink, and peach.

Gerbera Daisies – These beautiful, flawless daisies are a good choice, no matter the time of year. Best of all, these large, open-faced flowers come in many intense colors so you are sure to find a matching set for your wedding. Believe it or not, you have nearly 350 shades to choose from!

Orchids – Orchids are versatile and gorgeous, yet exotic and sexy. Available in a variety of different hues, orchids are suitable for many wedding types, from your glamorous ballroom wedding to your tropical beach wedding. There are thousands of cultivated species, so you better believe us when we tell you there is one for every type of bride.

Peruvian Lily – These lovely unscented flowers can be used either as a filler or stand on their own when flying solo. These small and bright blooms are subtle, yet striking with their freckled petals. Pink, white, orange, red, purple, yellow, and lavender are your color choices, and best of all, this is a very cost-effective flower!

Lisianthus – Lisianthus flowers look similar to a rose, but have full and frilly petals that are more open. While the pedal structure and size is identical to that of a rose, since this flower is more open it’s able to show off more color. Just like a rose, this flower is classic and timeless and is an excellent way to add a feminine touch to your arrangements.

Carnation – While you may turn your nose up at this flower, carnations are a cost-effective way to add some color and lushness to your arrangements and bouquets. However, these long-lasting and hardy flowers also make a beautiful bouquet when used alone. Combined with your choices of color and with more than 300 species available, you certainly have a fair share of options!

Roses – A timeless classic, roses never go out of style and come in a variety of colors to match your wedding theme. Romantic, yet versatile, there are different varieties to choose from and will pair up wonderfully with just about any flower. You shouldn’t have any issues with accessibility with this flower, which means despite their intense beauty, they can be surprisingly affordable.

Gardenia – If you are looking for an intoxicating flower with a sultry and heavy scent, then gardenia may be your flower of choice. While gardenia is only available in one shade, ivory, this exquisite flower has many uses and is a versatile choice. However, gardenia is very delicate so make sure you handle with care!

Iris – If you are looking for an eloquent flower that will grab the attention of your wedding party and guests, you may want this unusually shaped flower to your list. All three of the most common varieties are grown in shades of purple, white, and yellow so add some to your bouquet or arrangements to add in some contrast.