Corporate Team Building Games

Corporate Team Building Games

Having your corporate outing by sea is a sure fire way to add some variation to an event that is normally held in a banquet hall or hotel conference room. After all, what’s not to love about the change of scenery—as well as stunning visual elements that are bound to put employees at ease after a long and tiresome day? Whether you’re hundreds of feet off the harbor or out of town enclosed in an events hall, a truly effective corporate outings demands icebreakers to really get the juices flowing. No one wants to be uptight and uncomfortable, especially while team building and strengthening working relationships.

Corporate team building games are a great way to encourage camaraderie among employees.  Let’s take a look at five corporate team building games to help you and your colleagues warm up to one another and get in the flow to yield beneficial results.

Thankfully, these can be applied by land and by sea—wherever you choose and whatever makes the most sense for you and your company!

Corporate Team Building Games

  • Two Truths and a Lie

Okay, this one is a party favorite, wouldn’t you say? No doubt we have all played our fair share of this icebreaker, whether it’s through work, school or bored on a road trip. Whether you want to partake in one giant group or subgroups, this is a phenomenal way to get to know your colleagues while throwing in some humor and conversation curveballs.

The rules of the game are as follows: Each participant makes three statements—two of them must be truthful while one is a lie. Clearly, the object of the game is to get people to guess which statement is the lie. Therefore, the more whacky you can make the “truthful” statements, the better. Typically, this game lends to hearty laughter, facilitating an understanding and fact base about your peers you would have never otherwise known.

  • Introduction Interviews

By assigning participant a fellow colleague and conducting a brief interview, it’s always highly informative to have co-workers introduce each other. For example, “This is John, he’s from Minnesota and hates winter, he has three cats and four dogs, but refuses to get a parrot.” Speaking about one another in third person facilitates a memory retention that can cause ease conversation later down the line, whether at the water cooler or taking in the sunset on your corporate yacht experience. In an age where we strive for team members to really listen to one another, this exercise encourages just that with attention to detail.

  • Finding 10 Things in Common

This exercise works best in smaller groups, as your particular cadre aim to find ten things everyone has in common. Naturally, tidbits like “we all breathe air” and “we require water for hydration” are givens—but encouraging people to find more unusual commonalities can make for a more interesting sharing of results in the end. Give them a few examples if they get stuck by reciting a few things you and your senior leadership team have in common, be they food allergies or summer travel plans. The more random, the better. Unlikely specifics have a funny way of bringing people together.

  • Cocktail Creation

If drinking is a part of your corporate outings—and let’s face it, at some point in time during the outings, alcohol inevitably creeps its way in—dividing into groups for a “cocktail creation” round can prove to be an innovative way to bring about group cohesion. Additionally, coming up with a fun name for the devised drink can lead to some truly hilarious moments. Two points extra if the cocktails are thematically related to your company’s industry, region or mission. For those who don’t consume alcohol, forming a separate group for a non-alcoholic drink is advised.

  • Office Charades

Yes, it’s true—charades is often reserved for dinner parties over a bottle of wine or two. However, incorporating a game of charades into your corporate outing can get your team really working together—as well as moving. After all, all too often team building exercises don’t require actual movement, causing them to fall stagnant. Instead, having each other explain words, concepts or actions through gestures can cultivate a bond quicker than many think.

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