Bride Tips: 15 Ways to Enjoy Your Wedding Day to the Fullest

Bride Tips: 15 Ways to Enjoy Your Wedding Day to the Fullest

Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life, but can also be long and sometimes stressful. Here are a few ways to help ease any stress, be in the moment, and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest.

Get a good night’s rest before your big day.

Waking up refreshed will help you feel ready for all of the excitement and emotions to come throughout your ceremony, reception, and everything in between. Consider planning bachelor and bachelorette parties a week prior to your wedding.

Avoid planning too much the week of your wedding.

There is plenty to do during the days leading up to your wedding. Instead of leaving it all last minute, be proactive and get necessary tasks done as soon as possible. Planning a wedding can be stressful, so spreading it out evenly will help you feel less overwhelmed and better able to enjoy your wedding day.

Eat a nutritious breakfast.

A meal high in protein and complex carbs will take longer to break down in your body and help you keep going longer, which is crucial since many brides and grooms have to go long periods without eating.

Give yourself enough time (and more) to get ready.

This is a time to relax, have a good time with your bridesmaids, and feel beautiful. Starting the getting-ready process as early as possible will prevent feeling rushed in the minutes leading up to your ceremony.

If you bought new shoes, start breaking them immediately.

The sooner you break your new shoes in, the more your feet will thank you on your big day.

Bring flats for the reception.

No matter how broken in your heels may be, there may come a point where you just need them to come off. Packing ballet flats is easy and they still look great with a wedding dress.

Pack a wedding day survival kit.

This can include (but is not limited to) a Band-Aids, tampons or pads, Tide To Go stain remover pen, breath mints, and a hair tie.

Take some time to be alone with each other.

Once the ceremony ends, you and your new spouse are in for a whirlwind of congratulations and socializing at the reception. While this is a beautiful time to celebrate with your family and friends, taking a moment to be alone with your new spouse and bask in newlywed bliss will make you both feel ready to celebrate the rest of the night as a bonded unit.

Give a moment of thanks to the people celebrating with you.

Present a thank you speech with your spouse to show how grateful you are for your parents, grandparents, and guests that have made such an important life event even more special.

Don’t over-do it with alcohol.

Your wedding day is something you will want to remember clearly for the rest of your life, so be sure not to go too heavy on the drinking. A good tip is to drink a full glass of water between each alcoholic drink.

Appoint a friend to save you from chatty guests.

At some point, you are going to run into a guest that will talk your ear off for a while. Having someone there to politely pull you away will make it easier to enjoy your wedding day and spend enough time with all of your guests.

Give your DJ a list of songs you want to them to play.

This is your time to control the playlist and make sure you get to hear all of your jams on the dance floor.

Eat and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Your wedding will be as special as it is long. The last thing you need is your stomach growling and taking your attention away from your good times. Drink plenty of water, especially as you show off your moves on the dance floor.

Put your phone away.

Phones are a daily distraction, and it will be just the same on your wedding day. Putting it somewhere safe will keep further distractions at bay and help you be more present throughout your celebration. Most likely you’ve hired a professional photographer, so you won’t need to take any photos. Also, anyone you would text or call you is most likely there to enjoy your wedding day with you.

Remember the reason you’re there in the first place.

Although your wedding is a day of enjoyment and celebration, be sure to remember the reason for it all: you have vowed to spend a life with the person you love and this is only the beginning of your incredible journey together. And if you want to reduce the stress even more on your big day, consider hiring an experienced team to take care of the details for you. The staff aboard the Aqua Azul, NYC premier wedding yacht, will manage the details of your day so you don't have to. Discover the convenience of booking a yacht wedding in NYC.