How to Get a Destination Wedding Vibe Without Leaving Home

How to Get a Destination Wedding Vibe Without Leaving Home

Destination weddings are exciting, because they give you and a small group of your guests an opportunity to travel and experience somewhere new. However, there are also a few downsides; they tend to be expensive, difficult to coordinate and are burdensome for you and your guests. Moreover, they force you to leave the city you call home.

If you’re interested in establishing a unique look and feel for your wedding, without the costs and inconveniences of leaving home, there are some alternative options that can make your wedding both manageable and unforgettable.

Choose the Right Location

First, choose a location that deviates from the norm—preferably one that gives you a vacation vibe, or one that conveys a sense of a different culture or location. There are many options here; for example, if you live on or near a beach, you could host a tropical- or nautical-themed wedding outdoors, relishing in the island-like atmosphere. You could also choose a cultural site, like a museum, if you’re trying to evoke a different sense of culture.

Many people also decide to host their wedding on a yacht. Surrounded by water, a yacht conveys a sense of vacation, and gets you away from your ordinary surroundings. You’ll also have access to elegant fixtures, helpful staff, and a romantic atmosphere, giving you the extra style and attention you want for your big day. Yacht rentals in NYC are highly affordable, and a NYC wedding cruise could be just the touch you need to establish that destination wedding feel.

Whatever you choose, your location should offer unique aesthetics and a kind of excitement; take a tour of multiple locations and see which one feels right to you.

Time It Right

You can also increase the destination feel of your wedding by timing it right. The straightforward approach is to choose a date in summer, where you can take advantage of the natural features of your city and its surroundings—ideally with great weather. However, you may be able to evoke the feelings you want by choosing a spring or fall date—assuming it provides the ambiance you want. Yacht weddings in particular allow you to enjoy indoor and outdoor decks in all seasons.

Invest in the Perfect Décor

Assuming you have some control over your surroundings, almost any location or venue can instantly give off a “destination” vibe with the right assortment of décor. This is often best achieved by deciding on a specific theme, then building around that theme. For example, do you love the culture and traditions of tropical islands? If so, you can invest in centerpieces, lighting, and other pieces of décor that present a tropical style. Are you obsessed with the culture and aesthetics of a particular country? Spend some time researching these aesthetics, and try to incorporate them into your ceremony and reception.

Know Where to Spend and Where to Save

It’s a good tip for almost any type of wedding, but you need to know where to spend and where to save. If you have a limited budget with which to manage your wedding, it’s important that you put those dollars to the best possible use. That is to say, you don’t want to splurge on save-the-date notifications if it means sacrificing the quality of your venue. You might feel incentivized to trim the guest list if it means providing higher-quality food and drinks for the guests you do invite.

For a destination-like wedding, this is even more important. Your main priority should be making people (including yourself) feel like you’re away from home. Accordingly, you shouldn’t hesitate to prioritize your venue and surrounding scenery as your biggest expense.

For example, if you invest in a yacht charter in NYC, you and your guests would have access to the scenery and services of a luxury yacht. Reallocating airline ticket budget intended for a destination wedding may be well worth it.

If you’re having trouble preparing your budget, it’s best to set a list of high-level priorities. What are the most important features of the wedding for you? Try to list them in order of descending importance. This way, if two priorities are at odds with each other, you’ll know exactly which one you should cut.

Spend Quality Time With Your Guests

One of the greatest perks of a destination wedding is that you’ll have a good excuse to spend quality time with your guests. You, your friends, and your family members can treat it like a vacation and enjoy each other’s company.

That can be achieved with Yacht Weddings as well since they allow you to have ‘captive audience’. Since your guests are cruising with you, they will naturally stay with you until the very end of the celebration and not after dinner as often is the case with the typical with land venues…

Get Help

One of the best things you can do if you want to capture a destination wedding feel is to get help. You can start by working with a wedding planner, who can help you orchestrate everything in your wedding on a high level. As you start to scout locations, you can also work with venue staff to make sure they have everything you need for the wedding you envision. This is especially true if you’re seeking a private yacht charter, or some similarly self-contained venue that’s almost entirely in your control.

If you’re interested in learning more about hosting your wedding on a yacht, contact Aqua Azul Yacht today! We’ll walk you through your options, get you a free quote, and take you on a tour so you can see what we offer firsthand.

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