Phoolon Ki Chaadar Ideas for a Memorable Wedding Entrance

Phoolon Ki Chaadar Ideas It’s not uncommon for the bride-to-be to dream of her wedding entrance. It’s the time that all eyes are on her, as she walks towards the new man in her life. There’s nothing more beautiful than to see a bride (looking gorgeous of course!) walking towards her new life, with a phoolon ki chaadar held over her by her bhaiya’s. Phoolon ki chaadar means ‘the blanket of flowers,’ and it is truly a breathtaking custom that makes the bride’s entry a visual treat for all. We believe your wedding entry is just as important as your bridal lehenga, so you will want to spend some time making this aspect perfect. To help you make your wedding entrance memorable, check out our collection of phoolon ki chaadar ideas.


If you don’t want to go over the top, yet stay traditional, kaleera chaadars look absolutely stunning. Plus, a Punjabi bride’s wedding attire would be incomplete without this important ornamentation, so add some hanging golden kalires to your chaadar. If you or your siblings are creative and crafty, making your own kaleera chaadar is an excellent DIY project.


Using another dupatta is a good way to keep your wedding entrance simple, yet beautiful. If you have your mom or grandma’s dupatta or have one that is considered to be a family heirloom, you can use your dupatta as your phoolon ki chaadar. There’s no better way to add a sense of tradition and family heritage to your wedding entry, without going over-the-top.


You can never go wrong with flowers, as they complement your bridal attire. Using roses or jasmine flowers for your phoolon ki chaadar is a good way to add a touch of class and romance to your wedding entry and will make you feel beautiful. Feel free to get creative with your use of flowers. You can string fresh white flowers around the borders, or dress up the phoolon ki chaadar with orchids or marigolds with green leaves. The possibilities are endless!


String lights, or ‘fairy lights’ will make your entrance shine bright, and will illuminate you as you make your entrance. You put a lot of time and thought into your lehenga, so you need to be visible to your guests. Putting string lights on your chaadar is a beautiful and unique way to make your grand entrance even grander, can help enhance your wedding photos, and is sure to add that extra ‘glow’ to your face. Hint, bonus points if you incorporate flowers! Even paper flowers can add a nice touch.