Reuse, Recycle: Creative Ways to Reuse Your Bridal Lehenga

Reuse Your Bridal Lehenga You may find yourself wondering what to do with your lehenga after your wedding. Many people spend weeks or months searching for the perfect one, so it’s easy to understand why you may not like the idea of simply packing it into storage after your big day. In some cases, this option may be ideal, but maybe you don’t want to pack it away. Maybe you want to find some creative ways you can incorporate your lehenga into your daily life. If you are looking for creative ways to reuse your wedding lehenga, check out some of the different ways you can reuse your bridal lehenga.


Your lehenga is more versatile than you think. For instance, the blouse can be reused and paired with a simple skirt, or more. You can convert your dupatta into a blouse, or you can ditch the blouse and use a mid-length kurta. The same rule applies for the skirt. You can also simply pair your skirt with a plain blouse, or skip the blouse and go for a blazer or a long sheer jacket. Wearing a jacket can help hide the embellishments on your lehenga to tone down your look. Get creative and don’t be afraid to break up your outfit!


Give your lehenga a complete makeover. You can do this in a variety of ways. For once, you can get an Anarkali suit stitched out of your wedding lehenga, make a kurta from your dupatta, or you can turn your dupatta into a saree with some additional fabric. You can always cut out the handwork and motifs and reuse them on another article of clothing, or incorporate it into a DIY project that you can treasure forever. These options may be a benefit to you if you find that your lehenga is out of fashion or just plain old.

Don’t Change It

You can always keep you lehenga exactly the same. Remember, you purchased it. You put your time and energy into looking for the picture-perfect lehenga, so wear it! If you are worried about ‘over-dressing,' you could always pair it with different accessories, or change the draping style of your dupatta. Your lehenga can be the perfect outfit to wear to the next important function you attend. If you tone down the makeup, hair, and change your accessories, you will not look the same as you did on your wedding day. Otherwise, if you plan on handing down your lehenga to your daughter so she can use it on her big day, then maybe putting it into storage is the right choice for you!