Tips to Stay Present During Celebrations and Big Events

Tips to Stay Present During Celebrations and Big Events

You can expect many beautiful celebrations in your life: holidays, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays. That being said, the craziness of big events can make it difficult to stay in the moment. Not only is it important to stay present during celebrations, but these are practices you can keep with you in your daily life. Here are tips to stay present during celebrations and enjoy moment to the fullest.

Mentally prepare ahead of time.

Get all of your worries out before you enter a big day of celebrating. In order to stay present during celebrations and calm throughout your day, take time for yourself before the hustle and bustle begins. Be thoughtful and engage in self-care activities that will help you feel your best.

Enter with little expectation.

You can try to predict things to come, but the reality is you never really know what will happen. You can drive yourself crazy with worrying about what will happen. Conversely, you can enter with very high expectations that leaves room more a lot of disappointment. Instead of those options, though, you can also just enter the day with acceptance and gratitude. This will allow you to appreciate the good moments more and remain centered even when things mays not go to plan.

Take time to reflect.

Create moments for yourself to take it all in and appreciate what is around you. When you’re at a party or event filled with people you care about, recognize how far you’ve come with them and individually to bring you to this moment of celebration. Let the occasion be an excuse to feel grateful for where you’ve been and where you are going.

Remember to eat and stay hydrated.

When you're stressing, caffeinating, and sipping on champagne, the mind can get frazzled quickly. To combat these factors, make sure you drink plenty of water, and eat throughout the day. It's hard to feel emotionally transcendent when you're parched and dizzy.

Find moments with important people.

The hugs and little conversations throughout the day are why you’re all together: celebrating, appreciating one another. If it’s you event especially, you may feel torn in many directions. However, find time for the ones you love most. It will mean a lot to you looking back.

Stop negative thoughts in their tracks.

Be aware of your thought patterns. If your mind is wandering every which way into negative thought loops, it can be nearly impossible to stay present and enjoy the moment. Focus on what is in front of you: people you love celebrating with you and having fun.

Step away from technology.

There will be plenty of moments in your life to play around on your phone; however, an event filled with loved ones and celebration is not it. Being absorbed into the technology in front of you is the easiest way to forget the important things around you. Put your phone away for a bit and talk to the person next to you. If you’re at the same event, you likely have some things in common.

Understand that the now is all we have.

Every moment of the past is a memory. The future is a big question mark. Now is the time to take life by the reigns and enjoy what you have.

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