Add a Touch of Technology to Your Wedding Planning

Technology in Wedding Planning Ask anyone who has experience planning a wedding. It’s not easy! Planning a wedding is a difficult and time-consuming task, but luckily our world today is pretty plugged in. Nowadays it’s pretty difficult to avoid technology. Current wedding technology trends enable you to get with the times and can help make your life a little bit easier. Take advantage of everything the 21st century has to offer, by welcoming wedding technology to the scene. Technology is here to stay, so benefit from it. If you are looking to make wedding planning a little less stressful, go digital to help you stay organized. Check out our list of ways you can use technology in wedding planning.

1. Use a Spreadsheet – Creating a spreadsheet to organizing your guest list is a convenient way to filter who is and who isn’t attending, and who might come. Best of all, you can keep everyone’s contact information saved in the same document.

2. Create a Website – The best way to spread the news of your recent engagement is through the web, so why not make a website! There’s better way to share the details of your love with friends and family. Best of all, all of the information is there, so you are no longer bound to paper.

3. Design Invitations Online – You can have your invitation design picked out and ordered straight from the comfort of your own home. Best of all, there is no need to leave the house to find a printer, and you can take your time looking through invitation designs.

4. Paperless Invitations – In today’s digital age the need for paper invites are not always required, courtesy of online invitations. Go paperless to save some money (and trees) and only print out invitations for those who need or requested one.

5. Use Social Media – Set up a Twitter or Facebook page solely for your wedding. This way your guests can follow wedding updates straight from the bride and groom themselves! You can also create an event page for your wedding to help you keep track of your invites and stay in touch with your guests.

6. Write a Blog – If you like to write, share your updates and thoughts with friends and family by starting a blog. You can keep everyone updated about your progress as you share your experiences with others. Plus, doing this will make it easier to reminisce about your special day years down the road!

7. Utilize Wedding Applications – If you own a smartphone or tablet, you are probably already familiar with applications. There is seriously an application out there for everything and for everyone. So utilize the technology available to you and download some helpful apps to keep you organized and sane.