Top Wedding Design Trends for Your Nautical Wedding

Top Wedding Design Trends Picking out the design elements for your wedding is a big deal. New design trends are always popping up, and of course, there are always the tried and true ideas and concepts that never die. Plus, you want to make your wedding, yours. Nonetheless, this part of the process can be stressful, and that’s the last thing you need when you are planning a wedding. If you are looking for some trending ideas for your upcoming wedding, look no further. Read on to check out our list of some of the top wedding design trends.

1. Using Metallics – If you want your wedding day to have a look of luxury, add some metallic touches to your wedding décor. You can be subtle or bold. The choice is yours!

2. Dessert Tables – Who doesn’t love dessert? Especially aesthetically delightful dessert. It is eye candy that you can eat! You can even incorporate your wedding design aspects or colors into the design of your desserts.

3. Go Personalized – What better to make your wedding show off a side of you then to add some personal touches to your big day. You could go as far as using it as your theme, or just have a few personal touches.

4. Incorporate Paper – Incorporating more paper into your design theme is an excellent way to preserve aspects of your wedding once it’s over. You can do many things with paper (think origami flowers), so get creative!

5. Marquee Lighting – The possibilities are endless with this design trend, it’s customizable, and it makes for an excellent backdrop for photographs and can add to the overall ambiance.

6. Going Vintage – Using this design trend opens you up to a world of possibilities. It’s a beautiful look that many people enjoy, as there’s so much history behind repurposed antiques.

7. Food and Floral – Mixing food and floral elements and making them into a bouquet is a unique way to boost your style and have some fun with food. Bonus points if you have centerpieces that incorporate elements of your menu!

8. Go Farm to Table – Sourcing your ingredients from your local area is an excellent way to stay healthy and support where you live. People will love eating dishes made from ingredients that were grown in their own backyard.