Marrying in December? Top 15 Winter Wedding Ideas

Marrying in December? Top 15 Winter Wedding Ideas

While some may cringe at the idea of getting married in December, many people jump at the chance. It’s true that the winter is the most underrated season for weddings, but winter weddings can be warm and welcoming. Numerous people find a snow covered setting to be incredibly romantic and unique. Plus, winter weddings are typically cheaper since you can often save money on the venue, flowers, and décor. Who doesn’t like to save money? Saving some green, topped off with the cozy, magical feeling of winter is a winning combination for many. However, while the winter weather will keep the party mainly indoors, there are plenty of seasonal touches you can add to make your wedding picture perfect. Are you looking for some winter inspiration? If you are looking for some stylish and seasonal wintry touches for your wedding, check out these helpful and fun winter wedding ideas.

15 Unique Winter Wedding Ideas

  1. Bring the beauty of winter indoors by incorporating winter berries, greenery, pinecones, tree branches, icicle-like crystals, string lights, fake snow, glitter, and candles into your wedding décor.

2. Looking for an excellent way to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth and keep them warm at the same time? Offer a hot cocoa station, complete with flavored syrups and toppings, at your wedding!

3. Use plenty of soft, plush fabrics to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Think twill, velvet, and chenille.

4. Get creative and DIY your own boutonnieres for your winter wedding. Just make sure you use plants associated with the winter months, such as holly, fern, boxwood, hemlock, and berries.

5. Use a simple tree branch, like birch, to create a simple, yet effective, cardholder. You could also use firewood to display your escort cards.

6. Utilize greenery and pinecones, or use cinnamon sticks and winter berries, to make a chic seasonal place setting and napkin holders. Get creative!

7. Find a venue that offers big windows to see those romantic snowflakes but an indoor atmosphere to keep your guests toasty warm. A luxury venue like the Aqua Azul is the perfect choice for a winter wedding.

8. If you plan on heading outdoors at all, you will want your guests to stay warm and not catch a chill. To help prevent your guests from shivering, have a station set up that features blankets, scarfs, and mittens.

9. Use white fabric to give off the illusion of snow indoors. Bonus points if you create the effect of glowing snow by using lit votive candles.

10. Are you looking for a unique way to give a toast to your wedding celebration? Have you and your guests toast to your future with a frothy egg nog cocktail!

11. If you are looking for a quick way to “winterize” your wedding table linens, opt for table napkins that feature the classic tartan pattern.

12. If you are looking for some icy décor, then you should check out frozen flower arrangements. They are one of the hottest trends for winter weddings, and for a good reason!

13. Offer food that screams winter and will also keep them warm. Warm soups, hearty comfort food, hot cider, and gingerbread cookies are all excellent options.

14. Create a wintry, woodland ambiance for your tables by using cinnamon sticks, log slices, tree branches, cotton balls (for fake snow), pinecones, winter berries, and fir foliage.

15. If you want your wedding to smell like the holidays, try wrapping your candles in cinnamon sticks.